Entertaining with Abby: Ice Cream Social
October 2, 2015
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If you look back through our archives, it's pretty obvious that we like ice cream. Even our Halloween costumes are getting in on the action! So it was a complete no-brainer that when it came to throwing one very tasty party, ice cream would be at the top of the menu. Have a look at this video crafted by Elysium chock full of tips and tricks for pulling off your own tasty social + a full break down of details below all photographed by Victor Sizemore.


Entertaining with Abby: Ice Cream Social



Ice Cream Socials are fun no matter when you host them...Summer or Winter! But, there are a few little tidbits to note depending on what time of year you decide to host!


ICE CREAM. Go with a myriad of flavors and colors but stick to a handful of recognizable, universally loved ice creams. You can add menus to your table to encourage specific topping combos to up the flavor game. Check out our flavor ideas + FREE PRINTABLES below!
Strawberry Short Cheese Cake: Vanilla Ice Cream + Strawberries + Cheesecake Squares + Shortbread Crumbles + Graham Crackers + Whipped Cream

Browni Bomb: Chocolate Ice Cream + Dulce De Leche Ice Cream + Brownie Chunks + Chocolate Syrup + Caramel Sauce + Butterscotch Chips

birthday cake: Strawberry Ice Cream + Sprinkles + White Chocolate Chips + Funfetti Cake Chunks + Frosting Sauce
TOPPINGS. Have some fun with your toppings. For an adult celebration, add in toppings that are a bit more sophisticated. Shaved dark chocolate, fresh berries, candied ginger. For a kid-centric party, make sure to include all of the favorites like sprinkles and chocolate chips but throw in some truly decadent options too: pieces of chocolate cake, cheesecake, brownies, funfetti, you get the drift.

BOOZY FLOATS. For the grown up ice cream lovers, it's a fun idea to have a few signature ice cream cocktails that they can enjoy. Make sure to include toppings and straws! We have a few ideas coming up next.


Indoors or out, an ice cream social is the kind of party that you can host anywhere. I love the idea of a fancy pants formal ice cream social just as much as I love the idea of a backyard get together with messy kids and chocolate sauce everywhere. With a few little tips, you'll minimize the damage and maximize the sweetness!
OUTDOORS. If hosting outdoors, your ice cream will melt quickly. Store your mason jars or your ice cream cups in a bit ole vat of ice so that guests don't have to scurry to eat before they melt.

INDOORS. If hosting indoors, you'll have a tiny bit more leeway with the melt factor. That said, it doesn't hurt to pull the ice cream out for guests at the last minute OR include a bucket of ice. You can pre-scoop your ice cream and store it in muffin tins or baking sheets in the freezer until game time.


Pre-scoop your ice cream before hand and store either directly in the mason jars or on cookie sheets in the freezer. This will save you loads of time.

Set your buffet up ahead of time, saving only those items that need to be kept fresh (cheesecake and fresh fruits) to add just before guests arrive. Most toppings can easily sit out at room temperature (covered) without a problem.
Intercept Messes before they happen. We use an inexpensive drop cloth rug underfoot that we can throw in the wash whenever little ones are involved. Have wet wipes and extra napkins on hands for quick and easy hand clean up. And lastly, make sure that trash is nearby and visible so that guests are inspired to toss rather than set down on a piece of furniture that could stain.

Don't forget the music. A proper ice cream social should always have a great playlist so that the mood is kept happy and carefree.
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