DIY Halloween Costume: Ice Cream Man
October 1, 2015
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Creamery Crew, Ice Cream Wrangler, Purveyor of Scrumptious Cones. Whatever you want to call it; this DIY costume is cuuuuuute. Plus those faux cones will make for adorable decorations later on. It's simple really. With spackle, styrofoam, a little paint and a paper hat, your kiddo will be serving up delicious treats come Halloween. And for even more costume ideas, click here.
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2 buckets lightweight spackle
12 (2.5”) styrofoam balls
12 waffle cones
6” skewers
Cheap tray or cardboard box lid
2 yards of 2” wide fabric strap
1 bottle craft paint in lavender, pink, peach, mint green
2 bottles white craft paint
Foam paint brush
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Drill (optional)
1” drill bit (optional)
Ice cream scoop (optional)
Plastic spoon
Soda Jerk Paper Hat
White button down shirt
Khaki pants
Bow tie


step-1 Make a cone-holding tray. Mark out holes about every 4.5” apart on the bottom of your tray (make sure to leave about 1-2” on the sides of your tray). We staggered our cones in a row of 4, row of 3, and row of 4 so that the rows only needed to be about 3” apart.

step-1 Cut out 1” circles from the tray bottom at each mark. We used an inexpensive tray, so we drilled the holes out with a 1” drill bit, but if you want an even cheaper method you could use a cardboard “tray”, cut the circles out with scissors, and paint it or cover it in nice paper for a nice clean look. The box lid for a ream of paper would be perfect for this.

step-2 Cut the fabric strap in half and hot glue one end of each on either side of the tray. Balance the tray on the edges of two chairs so it can hold the ice cream cones while you work.

step-3 Make the fake ice cream cones. You’ll want to make them 2-3 days before Halloween so they have time to dry. Hot glue one end of the skewer into a styrofoam ball, and the other end to the base of the waffle cone. Repeat for all the cones you need, placing them in the tray as you make them.

step-4 Use a plastic spoon or ice cream scoop to scoop lightweight spackle onto the styrofoam ball. You can also use your fingers or a knife, just keep experimenting to see what gives you the most realistic look. Repeat until all the cones look like ice cream cones. Let dry overnight.

step-4Paint the cones in a variety of “flavors”, taking each out of the tray to paint one by one. I mixed all my paint colors with white (about half white, half color) to get a more natural looking color. Put the cones back in the tray as you go and let dry 2 hours.

step-4 Hot glue the base of each cone into the tray so they don’t wobble around when your little one hits the trick-or-treat trail. Dress your child in khakis, button-down shirt, bowtie, and soda jerk hat. Have them hold the tray at about waist height and tie the tray straps around their neck.