Audrey's 7th Birthday Party
September 22, 2015
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This year, I told myself I wasn't going to do it. Another at home, soooo much work birthday party for my sweet girl Audrey. It's not that she isn't worth it or that I don't love how they turn out (check out her 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th). It's simply that with three kids and a pretty huge business to run, I didn't think I had it in me. But here we are. I caved. Completely. BUT, I took a simpler approach and I'm so very glad I did. And so was she. Photos by the lovely Ruth Eileen.
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American Girl Baking Party (which was basically just a cake decorating party where the girls brought their dolls.


I used to be a stationer so I always try to make Audrey's birthday invitations really special and fun. This one was my favorite to date! I found little, mini bakery rollers on Amazon and I painted the handles pink. Then, I printed the invite on vellum paper and using double sided tape adhered to around the rolling pin. Finally, I popped each invite into a white and black box filled with kraft crinkle cut fill, finishing it off with some pink and white striped ribbon and a small customized sticker. Because all of the girls live right near us, I hand delivered them.


We rented a large farm table from New England Country Rentals because that was the most cost effective and pretty way that I could think to house all 12 girls and their cakes. Instead of pricey flowers, I went all in on ribbon puddled about 10 yards of it down the center of the table. Tucked into the ribbon were clear pedestals that housed miniature cakes for the girls.

Also serving as decor (but the useful kind) where small tired cakes + toppings and personalized aprons hung on the back of each chair.


We started with cake decorating. Each girl was provided a two layer cake (I cheated and baked them all from a box). I prepped all of these the night before so there really wasn't a lot to do on the day of!

With the two layer cakes, each girl had 3 little cups of toppings, a big bowl of frosting (I used brown kraft "bowls" lined with parchment and a small offset spatula. They also had a pastry bag filled with frosting.

At each place setting, we also had a personalized apron that we created using a basic iron on transfer.

After the girls had decorated their cakes, we had each child place theirs into a bakery box with their name on it. We set those aside as we had a little intermission. The girls ran out to play with their dolls and the moms and I cleared the table and set out the next activity, fondant toppers!

Each girl was provided a fondant roller + multi colored fondant to play with. We gave them a very quick and easy lesson, then let them dive right in! They came up with some crazy things! The girls could either place the fondant toppers on their cake OR in a baggie.

After that it was miniature cake and ice cream and whew, we were done!


Each girl took their cake home, along with their offset spatula, fondant roller and their apron. I think the moms appreciated the "tools" as much as the girls did!

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Pink Striped Ribbon: Amazon | Crystal Pedestals: similar Save-On-Crafts | Children's Aprons: Amazon | Fondant Rollers: Amazon | Small Offset Spatulas: Amazon | Bakery Boxes: BRP Box Shop | Table + Chairs: New England Country Rentals