Moroccan Backyard Soiree
September 14, 2015
Inspired by the beauty of Morocco, Modern Dame set out to recreate that lavish, cozy vibe for a backyard luncheon with friends. With loads of pillows, lanterns and a wedding blanket under foot, the scene was set for a feast crafted by Haute Chefs LA along with the brightest blooms from Holly Flora. Have a look at this gathering captured by Steve Steinhardt right here and get ready to ditch those dining chairs.
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Running a business with my husband means that I don’t get to travel as much as I would
like. There’s so many places I’d love to go! Just ask my friends and family - I’m forever talking
about all my dream adventure destinations I’d love to go, if only, if only…. but there just never
seems to be enough time, does there? So, in the meantime, I’ve taken to planning enchanted,
intimate gatherings for friends and family inspired by the places I’d most love to go.

Morocco has such a vibrant history, it’s long been on my list of places to explore. I love
their beautiful, Moorish architecture and the effortless, romantic feel of its cities (Casablanca,
I’m looking at you, kid!). I wanted to recreate that same vibe as I planned this sunny afternoon
luncheon. I began this looks with my absolute favorite decorative look - the Moroccan wedding
rug. From there, I added contrasting poufs and adorned each place setting with brass wine
glasses, mixed china and glassware, and white, handwoven fringe napkins. We focused on jewel
tones for our centerpieces (which popped beautifully against the rustic, white washed table),
rounding out the visual feast with a coral colored succulent at each plate.

In terms of the actual feast, I knew the food had to be just perfect, so I called on my
extremely talented friends at Haute Chefs LA. Their signature display mezze plate was the
perfect appetizer to start our party. Guests also feasted on delicious zucchini pancakes with
crème fraîche and pomegranate seed garnish. The main courses were rich, colorful, savory and
full of Moroccan spice. We ended the feast with traditional iced mint tea and an absolutely
delectable baklava - I’m not usually a fan, but these were amazing! Super crunchy, nutty, and
perfectly moist in the center. I know I may be just a little bit biased, but this Mediterranean feast
was seriously tops! I may or may not still, to this day, be relieving it all, bite by bite, in my head.