DIY Oversize Photo
September 11, 2015
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Large scale art doesn't need to unattainable. I shot this with my iphone, uploaded the image to and had it blown up to 24 x 32" then crafted a super easy DIY acrylic frame to coordinate. Once I had the photo in my hands the whole thing took a couple of hours to put together most of which was spent driving to the hardware store to have the acrylic cut! Which, as a tip, is mostly cut at no charge!

High resolution iphone photo
24x32" photo print from
24x32" thin plywood
24x32" plexiglass
4 Swiss corner clips
Double sided tape

costs and time: $50 per picture
1 hrs per picture

step-1 Get your photo printed at

step-2 Layer the plywood, photo, and plexiglass. You may want to use a couple pieces of double stick tape on the back of the photo to help keep it in place.

step-3 Place a swiss corner clip on each corner. Tie a string through each clip, making a box and an X shape.

step-4 Hang your new oversize photo from the string!