DIY Flamingo Tray
September 11, 2015
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Clear acrylic trays are one of the chicest, most versatile accents you can add to your home decor. We took ours to the next level with the addition of a colorful watercolor flamingo. If you love quick DIYs, then this is for you- officially our easiest DIY ever! Just print the image on sticker paper, cut out, and stick on the tray for instant magic!
Clear acrylic tray
Clear sticker paper
Inkjet printer
Flamingo template

costs and time: $25 per tray (plus some tools from around the house- printer & scissors)
15 mins per tray

step-1 Print out the flamingo template onto the sticker paper according to paper instructions.

step-2 Cut out the flamingo shape, getting rid of as much excess sticker paper as possible.

step-3 Press the sticker onto the tray, beginning on one end of the sticker and slowly rolling down to the other end, pressing and smoothing out air bubbles as you go. Voila!