How to Style the Perfect Guest Bedroom
September 6, 2015
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Creating the perfect guest bedroom is an art, and Mara, the genius behind M Loves M, is a master artist. Working with Lulu & Georgia and Parachute Home, Mara created a space that feels thoughtful, warm and so very welcoming—I would never want to leave! Check out the space and read all her tips below to design the perfect guest retreat below.


1. Comfy and soft bedding.

Parachute has the best bedding! And I'm not just saying that! It's made from Egyptian cotton, designer locally in Venice Beach, CA and manufactured in Italy. The quality is totally obvious as soon as you jump into bed! You want your guest to be comfortable and get a good night's sleep so natural fibers like cotton are a crucial element.

2. A pitcher of water and a few glasses.

The worst thing is waking up in the middle of the night and being thirsty but not wanting to tiptoe into the kitchen for feel of waking anyone up. Having a pitcher of fresh water with a couple glasses will be totally appreciated.

3. Fresh flowers 

Fresh blooms go a long way! They perk up the room and will make your guest feel extra loved!

4. Candles with matches.

I have to stress the with matches part. If you don't provide them, a guest probably won't light them. Also, same goes for unlit candles. Light it, even if just to blacken the wick, so your guest knows it's fair game. A nicely scented candle is comforting and will put your guest right at ease.

5. Blankets!

Having a cozy throw blanket at the end of the bed will come in handy if it gets colder in the evenings and it's also great to snuggle up with in the mornings.

6. A trinket dish

Something to keep their rings or jewelry is another little touch that goes a long way. Providing a safe place for your guest's rings, or earrings, will make them feel right at home.

7. Books and Magazines

So they have something to read. It's always nice to provide reading material for your guests in case they want to retire early at night, or say they wake up before everyone else. Jet lag can be rough, so providing them with some favorite books and magazines, preferably picked to suit their taste, is a thoughtful touch.

8. Lots of pillows

So that they can read comfortably in bed, or have a pillow fight! Make sure to have at least two standard pillows if you have a full/queen bed. Shams and throw pillows will prop them up if they're sitting in bed reading.

9. Decorate sparingly

So the room is peaceful and uncluttered. You want your guest to feel comfortable in the room, and not like they're being an imposition.

10. Reserved closet and drawer space for their things.

It can be discouraging to live out of a suitcase so allowing dresser and closet space so that your house guest can unpack and enjoy their stay is very important. Make sure to have at least one drawer and a couple feet of hanger space reserved just for them. And if you need anything in that room make sure to grab it before they arrive!