DIY Jenga
September 4, 2015
Our large scale version of Jenga is made by cutting 2 x 4's down to size. And while I'm never afraid to get my hands a little dirty, this was a job for our local hardware store. Most box hardware stores will cut down wood to whatever size you want - in this case, you need 48 7.5" pieces of wood. We sanded the edges, painted them in fun colors and a jenga we had!
est. time to make: 4 hours for 1 set of 48 blocks

(6) 2”x3”x8’ boards
Sandpaper or sander
Exterior paint in various colors
Painter’s tape and/or washi tape
Bucket for blocks (we found ours at Michael’s)

step-1 At your local hardware store or lumber yard, have them cut the boards into 7.5” long blocks. You need 48 blocks for your Jenga game.

step-2 Sand the edges of each block until they are smooth on all sides.

step-3 Paint the blocks in a variety of fun colors and patterns. To make a stripe pattern, lay down washi tape (for thin stripes) or painter's tape (for thick stripes) in parallel lines down the sides of your block, then paint over the block and tape. Let dry 1-2 hours, then remove the tape to reveal your stripes!

step-4 Play Jenga with 2 or more people! Rules here.