DIY Flamingo Croquet
September 4, 2015
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Croquet is a game that everyone loves, young and old and we're just bringing a sense of whimsy to the game but dressing up plain mallets with a pink flamingo...the kind of plastic flamingo lawn ornaments that you find gracing front yards this time of year! We think it's a chic way to bring a smile to your guests faces. While you do need a drill to make the hole on the flamingo, it's a one shot deal and totally easy even for the novice.
Spade drill bit (same size as the diameter of the croquet mallet handle)
Washi tape in various prints and colors
Spraypaint in coordinating colors to the tape
Croquet set
Plastic flamingos
Super glue
step-1 Wrap the colored stripes on your mallets with printed washi tape or paint. Each mallet should be a different color, one for each player.

step-2 Spraypaint your croquet balls so each ball coordinates with each mallet.

step-3 Drill a hole on each side of the center of the flamingo.

step-4Slide the flamingo onto the mallet handle and put a touch of super glue around the hole to lock it in place.

step-5Create a course in the yard with the white hoops by following the instructions that came with your croquet set.

step-6 Give each player a matching mallet and ball before the game begins!