DIY Geometric Holders
August 25, 2015
By: Alexis
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I always see these cute geometric planters at various stores like Anthropologie, and always try to think of ways I can recreate them for less. Well, we have arrived at the solution and all you need is one material - PAPER! Card stock paper to be exact. Prepare yourself, after making these I came up with a zillion other ways to utilize them!  xoxo Alexis of The Shift Creative

Card stock Paper


step-1Cut 3 squares out of 3 pieces of paper.


step-2 Fold one corner to the other and repeat with all three pieces.
step-3Fold both end points to the middle point and then unfold to reveal creases.
step-4Fold bottom part up and then down to form crease on each piece of paper.
step-5 Take all three pieces and insert the tip into the tip of the other (use first crease as a stopping point).
step-6Begin folding right point up and into the middle point (into the pocket that forms slit that is the middle point, or pocket if you will).
step-7Then take the left point, and slide it onto the angle just formed in step six. Make sure the paper paper is open as shown in photo so it hugs the other angle.
step-8Push together to form the triangle!
step-9Fill with airplants. To hang adhere a piece of command tape to the back!