DIY Constellation Art
August 13, 2015
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We spent some serious time falling in love with this sweet nursery a few weeks ago, and we are so excited to share yet another cute little craft from this inspiring space. Because not only did Jess (our resident DIY guru) design an absolutely adorable space, but she also created the artwork. I know, she can do it all - and now you can too!

2 sheets of watercolor paper
2 white frames (we used the 19”x27” size)
Glue dots
Blue watercolor paint in ultramarine, cobalt, & prussian
Large wash brush
Gold leaf
Gold leaf adhesive pen
18K gold marker
White paint marker
Painter’s tape
Plastic cup


Use a yardstick to rip the watercolor paper into two pieces that are ½” smaller than the frame on all sides.

Tape each piece of paper to a piece of cardboard. Tape down all sides, it keeps the paper from warping too much while it’s wet.

Mix some Prussian blue paint with a bit of water until you have a very wet brush. Paint large swashes of blue in the center of each piece of paper. Let dry 10 minutes then repeat with various shades of blue, building up the color.

Continue mixing blues and making darker and darker washes, adding color in spots and swashes. Let dry for a few hours.

Use the 18k gold marker to dot stars onto the sky. Use the white paint marker to dot snow on towards the bottom of each skyscape.


Choose whatever constellation you’d like and find an image of it online (I chose the great bear). Mark out the dots for each star across the two papers. Draw pencil lines between each star to outline the constellation.

Draw a dotted line in adhesive pen across each pencil line and draw a star at each dot. Let dry 5 minutes then press a sheet of gold leaf over each adhesive area. Brush off the excess leaf with your fingers.

Remove the tape from each sheet. Center each sheet onto the mats from the frames and press in place with the glue dots.

Frame each picture and hang side by side to form your night sky diptych!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living