How To: Lemon Twist Garnish
August 11, 2015
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A few years ago, I set out on a journey to really up the ante on my cocktails. And to me, a garnish takes any 'ol boring cocktail to the next level. So one night out, I asked our friendly bartender to teach me how to twist, and to my surprise, it's easy as pie. Our cocktails have been prettier ever since, and now yours can be too. xo, Abby Capalbo

Step One

Cut the ends off each side of your lemon (or orange or anything you're twisting)

Step Two

Spoon around the edges of the lemon to loosen the middle.

Step Three

Slice down the lemon, and remove all of the juicy center.

Step Four

Roll the lemon peel into a tight ball.

Step Five

Slice several sections of the rolled up lemon peel, and voila! You have garnishes for days!

Photography: Erin McGinn | Styling & Recipe: Abby Capalbo