A Cold Brewed Vietnamese Iced Coffee
August 9, 2015
Cold Brew coffee is all the rage and is especially perfect for the hot summer months. Dzung Duong of Honeysuckle Catering is showing us just how simple it is to whip up some cold brew at home. Try her scrumptious Vietnamese Iced Coffee this weekend or anytime you need a little caffeine jolt. We promise you'll be hooked!
I grew up around Vietnamese Coffee. Every morning, my dad would have a cup of it and the Chicory scent would waft down the hall into my room. Then it was time to hurry off to school.

Traditionally, Vietnamese Iced Coffee is made with hot coffee then cooled down with ice. Seems kind of counterintuitive to me. But with all of today's popular coffee techniques I thought the ideal way to make it would be via the Cold Brew method. We'll get a nice and concentrated jolt!
Vietnamese Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Prep Time
485 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
485 Minutes
3 ½ cups of water then pour in ½ cup of ground coffee (Café du Monde)
2 tbsp Condensed Milk Ice
Nut Milk Bag
Fill a quart-sized mason jar with 3 ½ cups of water then pour in ½ cup of ground coffee.
Let this steep for 8 hours to overnight so that it’s ready to make in the morning.
When it’s ready, strain coffee through a nut milk bag to remove the grounds.
Take 2 tbsp of condensed milk and pour it into the bottom of cup.
Add in some ice, then fill the cup up with bold and concentrated cold brew. Mix it up and enjoy!
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