DIY Ombre Tassel Pillow
August 2, 2015
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Once we spotted this ombré tassel pillow over at M Loves M, we knew we absolutely had to make one for ourselves. We're sure you're seeing the tassel trend everywhere, and now you join in with this easy and inexpensive DIY project thanks to the ever so talented Mara! And, if you haven't checked out M Loves M yet, what are you waiting for—you're totally missing out!

18x18 pillow
embroidery floss (I picked 8 different colors, so I bought two packets per color. I made 4 tassels per color for a total of 32. Whoa that's a mouthful. Let me know if it makes sense!)
needle & white thread



Cut out a piece of cardboard with a width equal to the length you want your tassel to be. I just eyeballed it and made it about 1.5-2 inches wide. Wrap embroidery floss around cardboard a set number of times. By keeping it the same, you'll ensure that you have equal thickness. I did about 25 rotations around for my pillow and then cut off excess. I'll save it for another craft project!

Cut a 4 inch piece of floss and tie and knot it at one end of the loop you created.

Cut the strands at the other end of your loop and then place the cardboard piece aside.

Using another 4 inch strand, tie a knot near the top of the tassel. Trim any excess. I made 32 tassels for this project, eight on each side of the pillow.

To add tassels to a pillow, sew through the top knot of tassel into the edge of pillow until secure.
For the full post and more inspiration, check out M Loves M!


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