DIY Starry Ceiling
July 28, 2015
The minute Jess told us all she was pregnant, I couldn't wait to see her nursery. Why? Because I knew it would be soo good. And of course she did not dissapoint. Between the ombré pillows, her incredible style and this starry ceiling - I couldn't love this nursery more if I tried. Don't go anywhere, the nursery in its ridiculously cute entirety is coming up next!

Blue ceiling paint (I used Behr’s Rainwashed)
2-3 18k gold markers
Painter’s tape
Copy paper
Constellation templates
Constellation map (optional)
Small stepladder


1: Tape the edges of the ceiling with painter’s tape, then paint the ceiling blue in 2 coats. Let dry overnight.
2: Print out the constellation templates you’d like to use on your ceiling.
3: Close all the shades (or wait until dark), then project the constellations onto the ceiling and mark with a pencil. For each constellation, place the paper under the projector, tape in place, then turn the projector sideways so it displays vertically. I balanced the projector in a basket with some towels around it to keep it upright. You can place the constellations at random, or use a constellation map to place them more accurately to the night sky.
5: Turn on the lights and draw the stars and dotted lines connecting each constellation in gold marker. Erase any stray pencil marks.
6: Draw on as many smaller dots or stars as you like with the gold marker. Sprinkle them around the ceiling at random. You may want to do a 2nd layer of gold marker on some of the larger stars for a shinier finish.