How to Create An Amazing Floral Centerpiece
July 24, 2015
With all the summertime entertaining and on-the-fly al fresco dining you'll surely be hosting this summer, it's always a good idea to be prepared, and that means making sure your dining table is ready for anything, 24/7. Take matters into your own hands with help from Abby and Becca Olcott of Petal Floral Design and easily create a stunning DIY floral centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression.


How to Create an Amazing Floral Centerpiece


  • 2-3 Varieties of Greenery

  • 15-20 Stems of Filler Flowers

  • 1 Stem of a Dramatic Focal Flower

  • 5-7 Stems of Accessory Flowers for That Extra Pop!

  • Vase

  • Scissors

  • Garden Clippers

  • Floral Tape

instructionsstep-1Cut tape to made a grid along the opening of your vase, using approx. 3-4 strips of floral tape in each direction. Tip: don't worry about your tape going over the sides of your vase -- it will be covered with greenery in the next step!step-1Begin building your arrangement by starting with greenery first. Make sure both sides of the arrangement are balanced.step-1When adding flowers, start with your dramatic focal flower first. If applicable, let your focal flower rest naturally at an angle -- it will frame your greenery nicely.step-1Fill in the rest of the arrangement with beautiful filler flowers.step-1Finish the arrangement by adding dramatic statement flowers that add height and dimension.


Film: Elysium Productions | Floral Design: Petal Floral Design