DIY Hula Hoop Hideouts
July 23, 2015
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What are summers without wispy, beautiful tents blowing in the breeze for the little ones to curl up with a book in or plan an adventure with their friends? These hanging tents are made using a hula hoop and some bedsheets that you probably have laying around the house. The best part? Even the kids can help! For more from our Today Show DIY's, check out: Glitter Candles, Rope Ottomans and Placecard Tins
MaterialsHula hoop
Safety pins
Clothesline rope
Sheets in two colors
7 yards pom pom fringe (optional)
Gold spray paint
Blankets & cushions (optional)

step-1Spray paint the hula hoop on both sides and let dry 1/2 hr.

step-2Wrap the short edge of one sheet around the hula hoop, safety pinning the sheet back onto itself every few inches as you go.

step-3Cut the second sheet into (2) 2' wide sections. Pin each section onto the hula hoop, on either side of the first sheet.

step-4Pin pom pom fringe down the inner edge of the tent entrance.

step-5Cut rope into (4) 6' lengths (or however long you think you'll need to tie to a tree branch). Tie each piece onto the hula hoop and packing tape in place.

step-6Hang from a branch. Lay down some blankets and cushions inside for an extra plush hideout!

Photography & Design: SMP Living