How to Stock Your Entertaining Arsenal
July 17, 2015
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Here at SMP, we're all about getting pretty, getting organized, and giving you only the best info, so you can be ready for anything. One of those tasks many of us know we should do, but aren't sure where to start? Stocking your entertaining arsenal, so you're always ready for unexpected guests and on-the-fly entertaining! Watch below to find out some of our SMP-approved always-on-hand essentials.


How to Always Be Entertaining Ready



Always stock your freezer with pre-made, ready to thaw items, like:

  • A frozen cheesecake to top with berries

  • A simple pre-made sauce

  • Puff pastry for quick desserts & apps

  • Baguettes


Always have on hand the makings of one simple, but delish meal, like:

  • Dried gourmet pasta

  • Wedge of good parmesan cheese

  • Can of San Marzano tomatoes to whip up a great sauce

  • Baguette from your freezer


Always have your pantry stocked with jams, jellies, pickles, peppers and anything else that you can spread on a cracker or top a piece of your frozen baguette with.


Always have on hand the makings of a good cheese board:

  • Summer sausage

  • A sweet & savory jam

  • Good quality hard cheese that keep well

  • A soft, spreadable cheese

  • Gourmet crackers that feel special


Always keep high quality olive oil and vinegar on hand as they come in handy in many ways


The makings of a signature cocktail can be as simple as champagne and St. Germain.


Always keep on hand easy peasy snacks that are familiar but special, like:

  • Crunchy baked chickpeas

  • Gourmet tortilla chips

  • All-natural flavored gourmet popcorn

  • Gourmet salsa

Always keep supplies for a really good but unfussy dessert:

  • Caramel for your frozen cheesecake

  • Berries and mascarpone cheese

  • Gourmet chocolate

  • Supplied to make a cup of killer hot cocoa


Always keep on hand disposable and low-maintenance plastic serveware for impromptu parties, where you don't  want to do the dishes:

  • Bamboo plates feel higher quality than paper and hold up to heavier food

  • Bamboo silverware can be gussied up with paint to suit any occasion or color palette

  • Paper napkins are the perfect place to bring in a pop of cuteness

  • A variety of paper and plastic cups and glasses that can be used for lemonade, wine or as a fabulous vessel for fresh flowers

  • Don't forget cute paper straws to make every cocktail taste even better!

  • Cute bowls and containers to hold strawberries, popcorn or any other smaller food items

  • Favor bags and Chinese takeout-style boxes for sending guests home with chocolate chip cookies or delish leftovers


Remember: accoutrements are everything! Keep supplies on hand to make quick drink flags and cupcake toppers, that would also look great on a cheeseboard. Also keep kraft labels to use as gift tags or labels for food, as well as ribbon to wrap napkins or decorate tables.


Of course, always keep a really great vase and a handful of pretty votives so you can always have a gorgeous table in a flash


Also make sure you have the following serveware, silverware and other tabletop items, so your ready for anything:

  • Trays of all sizes, from large to small

  • Small bowls to hold everything from extra sauce to jams and sweet treats

  • Pretty napkin rings that you love for fancy pants dinners

  • Extra flatware, just in case!

  • A set of gorgeous linen napkins

  • A wooden board to use for serving cheese, apps or breads

  • A pitcher to simply make even water feel special

  • A white cake plate for any occasion -- whether serving cake or snacks

  • Fun plates that you can layer onto a set of white dinnerware

* And remember: keep your entertaining items together in one place for easy access. Pairing like-minded elements together so you can mix and match casual with upscale.
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