Watermelon Champagne
July 14, 2015
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So you're planning to throw the best summer party of your life, but you're coming up blank on what drink to serve. It's got to be easy and quick to make so you can focus on everything else on your plate, and it better be a crowdpleaser that can beat the heat. Enter this life-saving watermelon champagne recipe featured on Lauren Kelp to save the day!
"Cocktails + watermelon + friends + sunshine. What more do you need for a good summer?" says Constance, the creator of this refreshing concoction. No truer words were ever spoken. For the full post and more delicious recipes, check out Lauren Kelp!
Watermelon Champagne
Prep Time
2 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
2 Minutes
2 oz. fresh watermelon juice 3 oz. champagne
fresh mint leaves to garnish
Pour 2 ounces of watermelon juice into chilled champagne flute or glass.
Top with 3 ounces of fine champagne or brut.
Garnish with fresh mint leaves.