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July 1, 2015
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At the surface, going to a flea market is a magical experience. All those treasures just waiting to be snatched up for a bargain. But when you arrive, and that treasure-induced haze turns into a full out overwhelmed panic - things get real, fast. But have no fear! I teamed up with my girls Emily of mStarr Event & Erin McGinn to help you get lazer-focused so you come away with the very best finds this flea market season. xo Abby Capalbo

Don't bypass the textiles

Coverlets, tablecloths, throw blankets - you can find some real gems tucked under the piles. Don't be afraid to dig down a bit, or ask to see the piece in full.

Look for glassware

The perfect champagne coupe, the goblet in just the right hue, or the set of wine glasses you never knew you needed (so badly) glassware is where it's at when it comes to flea markets. I could have easily walked away with a few sets, but settled on the perfect yellow beauties that now call my stylish shelves home.

Rugs, rugs and more rugs

This is the place to find that perfect piece to really finish your room. Whether it's a the main statement piece or a lovely rug to layer, there are so many beauties to choose from if you are willing to look hard enough.

Snatch up some silverware

The perfect set of silverware is such can be such a steal, and will immediately up the ante on your next party or even  In all different shades, shapes and sizes, walking away with an amazing set should be high on your priority list.

Shop with a theme in mind

Emily was designing a really amazing party for Lookout Farm, and having a list (or idea) of what she was looking for made us all like sleuths. The things she scored for that party took that event to the next level.

Think Repurposed Details

Think outside of the box a bit and look for details you can take home and use in an unconventional way. I'm drawn to all things coastal, so I couldn't help but think of a million ways to bring these buoys into my home. Door stops, book ends, or just a little piece to add some interest to a shelf, the options are endless.
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Above everything, have fun. Enjoy the hunt. You'll naturally be drawn to things that make your heart flutter - and those are always the must haves in my book!