DIY 4th of July Confetti Cake
July 1, 2015
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If you need a last minute holiday dessert, this sparkling cake is just the thing for the Fourth of July! There couldn’t be an easier way to dress up a store bought cake and make it party ready. Seriously, if you can use scissors, you’ve got this in the bag. Grab all the details below and get ready to celebrate the 4th with a dessert decked out in red, white and blue.

  • Wilton sugar sheets (1 each of red, white, and blue- we used the multipack to save money)

  • Fringing scissors

  • Scissors

  • Smooth frosted cake from your favorite recipe, bakery, or box mix (we won’t judge!)

  • Sparklers (optional)


step-1 Fringe about 1” tall along one side of the white sugar sheet. Use the scissors to cut the fringe off the sheet at about ½” lengths. Repeat until the whole sheet has been fringed and cut.

step-2 Repeat step 1 with the remaining colors of sugar sheet and mix all the colors of confetti together in a bowl.

step-3 If the frosting has set a little or is dry, gently brush on a little warm water to give the confetti something to stick to. Sprinkle the confetti on the cake, placing small clusters on at a time. Press gently on the sides or even insert the confetti by the ends so it sticks out and gives the cake more texture.

step-4 Top with a few sparklers to really kick off the holiday!