Abstract Painting with Hillary Butler
July 1, 2015
Around this time last year, I made a promise to myself to make time for learning. To step outside of my comfort zone and get my hands dirty a bit. And something like this Zimmerman Workshop Series would be so up my alley. With the lovely Hillary Butler instructing and Jessica hosting, this workshop captured by Arshia Khan was just added to my "must attend" list.
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Just a few short weeks ago, a fun group of ladies came together in our Zimmerman Studio for our third Zimmerman Inspiration Series Workshop - abstract painting featuring Hillary Butler. We invited the talented Arshia Khan to capture the day and we are so excited to share this creative class with you today!

From Jessica...Zimmerman Inspiration Series is very close to my heart. In an industry where it is easy to compare and compete, I wanted to create a program that inspired genuine encouragement and community. Zimmerman inspiration series is a program that inspired genuine encouragement and community. Zimmerman Inspiration Series is a program for creatives taught by creatives. It’s a way to nurture budding artists and help guide them on their path to success. It’s an ongoing collaboration to support a community of creatives

From Hillary...The workshop at Zimmerman could not have been any more wonderful! We had the sweetest group of women who joined us for the afternoon and we had the best time learning and panting together. Jessica and her team have created a laid back, yet gorgeous environment that encourages creativity the minute you enter her doors. Teaching is a passion of mine and it always inspires me to do better work when I get to delve into the process and technique with others. Art is one of those mystical elements of life that doesn’t really become art until it is shared, and I was so honored that each of the attendees showed up to join me in this journey. I left more energized and encouraged than when I came!

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