DIY Watercolor Cake
June 30, 2015
Watercolor decor is one of our favorite trends this season, so much so that we want to apply it to just about anything. Yes - even cake! While we love a simple white frosted cake, we also love taking things up a notch with a gorgeous design like the one below. This approach was actually the result of a happy mistake so while we're sure there are millions of more professional ways to achieve this, we like this "can't possibly mess it up" version!


DIY Watercolor Cake





  • 4-5 pastry bags with varying colors

  • Bench scraper

  • Frosted cake


step-1 Fill 4-5 pastry bags with various shades of icing, any frosting tip will work!
step-1Begin piping 2-3" lines using your darkest color around the cake. The lines should be random so don't worry about being perfect!

step-2Layer in additional lines using the rest of your colors. Continue doing this until most of your cake is covered.
step-3Use your bench scraper to gently pull the colors across the cake, rotating it all the way around.

step-4Add more color if necessary, and continue scraping until it looks even!

Film: Elysium Productions | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty Living