Friendship & Florals: A Backyard Celebration
June 25, 2015
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This backyard party is a celebration of good company and outdoor entertaining all under a sea of cafe lights. Basically it's summer all wrapped up in one pretty evening crafted by Bristol Lane and Westcott Weddings. To mark the end of a busy wedding season, these ladies gathered amongst yummy cocktails, vibrant colors and a few confetti poppers too. Get inspired to craft your own summer soiree with the full gallery captured by Jenna McElroy plus a video by Shalyn Nelson.
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From Meredith with Bristol Lane... Community is one of the most important things in my life. There isn't much better than gathering my friends around our table for quality time and yummy cocktails. Spring was extremely busy with weddings and work so by the end of it I was missing my best girls. To commemorate the end of the season, I wanted to throw a dinner party to celebrate my closest friends. These women are relentless in their encouragement and support and I wanted them to leave the night feeling special and loved.

For the design, I asked my wonderful friend Ellen from Westcott Weddings to help me pull together a space that felt creative, fresh, and fun. To keep it low-key we decided to have the dinner in my backyard. We used a lot of personal details, from the dining table that my husband built for our home to the wood boxes that Ellen's husband created for each woman. I spent the afternoon creating an art installation and a colorful centerpiece. Ellen styled each and every detail and made the table and space feel both welcoming and gorgeous. By the time we were done setting up, you couldn't even recognize the yard!
My goal was for my friends to feel beautiful and spoiled, to help with that Lola Beauty come in and did everyone's hair and makeup. Each girl brought their favorite bright, cheerful outfits and we all picked out dresses, shoes, and jewelry for each other.

After we set up, the night settled in to a comfortable routine- Kelsey made cocktails (she is famous amongst our friends for making the best drinks) the girls helped me serve dinner I had made earlier that day, and we sat around the table as the sun went down and just enjoyed spending time together. My favorite part of the night was looking around after we had eaten dessert and watching all these women interact together. They are the girls who have welcomed, championed, comforted, celebrated, and taught me what true and deep friendship looks like. Seeing them gathered in my backyard, laughing and toasting one another, was one of the sweetest and most joyful moments I could have asked for.
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