Summer's 10 Commandments of Undone Hair
June 21, 2015
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From messy buns and tousled waves to loose braids and even bedhead, the lived-in look is our favorite for summer hair. To nail this trend, we'll be following these 10 commandments for undone hair featured over at Sarah Sarna (an SMP favorite!). A born and raised California girl, Jennifer of HOMETOWN HEROINE reveals her secrets below!

The 10 Commandments of Undone Hair

1. Do not strive for perfection

The entire concept of this trend is to keep an easy-going look. If you over style, it won't have the "chill vibe" of the style.

2. Let it air dry.

To get a natural texture out of your hair, let it dry naturally. Comb it out with a little leave-in conditioner, then shake it out so it develops naturally.

3. Embrace texture.

That means frizz too. Slightly messy strands add to the natural vibe of this hairstyle, so don't be afraid of flyaways. If anything, a few will make you look even more laid-back.

4. Pump it up.

Some like their roots flat with volume throughout, and others like voluminous roots with stringy ends. Figure out which fits your personal style. In my experience, bohemian styles look great with flat roots.

5. Harness your tools.

Depending on how tight you like your waves, find the perfect curling iron -- I like medium sized waves, so mine is 1 inch. If you want it to look natural, alternate curling towards and away from your face. If you want a glam style, constantly curl away from your face. You can also choose to flat iron it all, and then soften it with product.

6. Opt for balayage over ombre.

Unlike the dip-dye ombré look, balayage works the lighter color all through your hair so it's one cohesive melt. Plus, it will make the texture of your hair naturally stand out.

7. Weave a braid.

Whether you want to pull your hair out of your face with a simple pinned back braid or pull it all together in a messy fishtail, it will add to the overall bohemian trend.

8. Don't fear the bun.

Pull your hair into a half bun for a sporty style. Just pull all the hair from your ears up into a bun at the crown of your head. Finally, pull a few face-framing strands out to soften the look.

9. Sleep in it.

If you're like me and have a tendency to overdo your hair, flatiron or curl it at night. When you wake up, it will be perfectly imperfect. Just add a little texturizer to your roots, sea salt spray to the length and walk out the door.

10. Rock it with confidence.

For the full post and Jennifer's product recommendations, check out Sarah Sarna!

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