The Perfect Summer Bar Cart with Pier 1 Imports
June 11, 2015
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Summer is almost here and it’s time to get stocked up on everything you’ll need for those last minute get togethers. Just leave all your supplies poolside in Pier 1 Imports’ outdoor bar cart and you’ll never have to worry about cocktails running dry. We've pulled together our must-have list of goodies for the ultimate bar cart plus tips for making it look top notch.

Our bar cart must­haves


• Wine

From white to rosé to red to sparkling­ - make sure you have a little something for everyone.

• A few great mixers

Yummy additions like lemonade or pineapple juice will do the trick.

• Assorted spirits­

Think things that mix with everything (Vodka, Rum, etc) and a few for your favorite go­-to spirits (Tequila, St. Germain, etc.). Bonus points if it comes in a pretty bottle!

• Gorgeous glassware

The only thing better than a yummy cocktail is one served in beautiful glassware

• A large pitcher

When hosting a party, you can't beat the ease of a great pitcher drink. Made in large batches, they easily serve all your guests and are pretty scrumptious too. No bar cart is complete without one.

• Colorful cocktail napkins

They make any night feel like a party

• Fun accessories

Floral drink stirrers or umbrella straws are perfect for garnishing

Styling Tips


• Keep the heavier bottles down below.

Draw guests’ eyes to the pretty glassware and colorful accessories up top and leave the workhouses on the bottom shelf.

• Leave some room.

If the cart is too packed, it becomes visually cluttered and hard to find the bottle you’re looking for. Be choosy about what you keep on the cart and keep it edited to your favorites.

• Mix and match

Mix different styles of glassware for a boho look, but keep to 2 or 3 varieties in one color palette so you don’t overwhelm the cart.

• Little Touches of Pretty

Add that little something extra, like umbrella straws or fresh flowers, to turn your cart into a mini­fiesta on wheels!
With the perfect base like Pier 1 Imports' Echo Beach Serving Cart and the finishing touches that every good cocktail needs (ahem umbrella straws we're looking at you), your summer cocktail parties will be stylish and stocked to perfection. We'll cheers to that!


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