Inspired Downtown Office Space
June 9, 2015
I swear, I secretly wish every single girl boss that graces the pages of SMP was my one of my best friends. I guess not so secretly now that I proclaimed it on the world wide web, but since the secret is out, Whitney Blake is officially on that list. She's got loads of style, one chic office and is obviously loads of fun, and we couldn't love her more if we tried.
When I first started my journey in entrepreneurship, I was a junior in college and it was more of a part-time hobby (and study abroad fundraiser) than anything else. However, it only was a matter of days before I fell completely head over heels in love with the world of graphic design and female entrepreneurship. I loved combining my Marketing knowledge with my eye for design, and creating designs that have meaning beyond their face value!
After graduating from college with my degree in business, I decided to take the road less travelled and see just how much I could grow Heart & Arrow. I moved back to my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina, worked out of my bedroom, and dreamed of an office space every single day. (working beside your bed makes saying no to afternoon naps tough!)
About nine months after taking my business on full time, I found the perfect office space in the heart of historic downtown Greensboro! I'm surrounded by other inspiring entrepreneurs, delicious local coffee shops, and all of the charm that comes with being downtown. 
This space is my daily reminder that if you work hard enough and follow your passion, anything is possible!
Vendor Credits
Business Card Holder, Jeans, White Tassel Pillow, Throw Blanket
"I Am Very Busy" Pencil Pouch
Landscape Prints
Emily Jeffords
Gold "grace Not Perfection" Print, Blue "do What Matters" Print
Emily Ley
Peplum Top
Black And White Rug, Coffee Table, Chairs
"hustle" Wall Hanging, "makers Gonna Make" Print
Max And Mila
"hooray" Framed Card
May Designs
"xoxo" Framed Card
May Designs
"Heart & Arrow" Sign Letters
"hey Y'all" Art Print
Stephanie Creekmur
Black And White Scalloped Pillow, Wooden Tray