French Garden 1st Birthday
June 3, 2015
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This party is all bunnies and garden roses crafted by mama extraordinaire, Michele Hart Photography for her baby girl's big 1st birthday. If elegance and whimsy could be defined in one celebration, it would be this; a day filled with larger than life balloons, garden roses, carrot infused garden nibbles and pretty desserts. Perfect, no? Planned by Calluna Events along with florals by Plum Sage, you can see even more here. Psstt... be sure to check out the DIYs from this day here and here.
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I was recently asked what I was most surprised about when I became a mom. My answer was how magnified everything was. There weren’t any big surprises but I feel everything was just “more” then I had expected. Every parent said you love a child in ways that you can’t fathom before you are a parent. Of course I knew conceptually that I would love my child but the magnitude of my love is far deeper than I imagined. Another example, of course, is that you get less sleep but I don’t think I grasped just how little.

Another big one was how fast time flies by. Every parent talks about how quickly time goes with a little one but I had no idea it would speed up this fast. Adelyn is one! Literally 12 months ago she was a quiet, cuddly baby in my arms that could barely keep her eyes open and now she is not only walking but running… and eating real food, and saying her first words, and pretending she is a momma to her baby doll. I can’t even remember what 3 months ago was like.

Some people say that spending money and time on a big birthday bash is excessive but I really like doing something extra special to mark the passage of time to celebrate Adelyn. I want her to be awe inspired and giddy with excitement all day long. And to be surrounded by warmth, love and beauty. This is what I came up with:

Adelyn loves animals – especially the soft cuddly ones – so I decided to have a garden bunny theme with lots of soft neural colors. The bunnies and balloons gave the event a playful and youthful feel but the overall tone was very sophisticated and elegant. Garden roses stole the show making appearances not only on the table but as a garland on geronimo balloons, as a cake topper, and on the back of the highchair. The “Garden Treats” menu added to the festivities and all dishes featured carrots – except for the cottontail macaroons – and provided a light lunch for our guests.