DIY Floral Balloon Garland
June 3, 2015
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Parties and balloons are soul-mates, it's true. But an easy way to take that standard party decoration from run of the mill to holy cow, that is the most beautiful balloon I've ever encountered - is with this gorgeous DIY. It pairs greenery and garden blooms with the biggest balloons you can get your hands on. Up your party game with this project crafted by Plum Sage . Click here for another fab DIY from Adelyn's 1st birthday coming up next!
Thanks to the wonderful and talented women over at plum sage we were able to turn these Geronimo balloons into the focal point for Adelyn, my daughter’s, 1st Birthday dessert table and add to the garden feel of her party. The Juliette garden roses were a bit of a splurge but I loved them too much to settle for anything else! They are so soft and feminine – I just love them.


  • 1 bunch naked seeded eucalyptus

  • 1 to 2 stems of long Italian ruscus

  • 3 or 4 peach Juliette garden roses from your local florist (the Juliette’s may need to be special ordered in advance)

  • Floral clippers

  • Green floral tape

  • Floral wire (easily obtained at a craft store)


step-1 Clip small pieces of the eucalyptus pods off of the main stem for garland accents. Clip the Juliette rose stems down to about 1.5-2″.

step-2Place a floral wire through the Juliette stem, as shown, and thread about 3″ through. Bend the 3″ side down, back towards the stem, so that the two pieces of wire are parallel. Clip the remaining wire off about 1-2″ below the flower stem.

step-3 Take green floral tape and start from the top of the stem (right under the neck of the flower), wrapping it tightly around the wire and stems. Continue to wrap tightly down the stem length and onto the bare wire.

step-4 You should now have a rose head with about 2″ of taped stem/wire and a bottom about 1-2″ that is only wire and tape (so it is flexible). Repeat this process on the other three roses.

step-5Take the remaining wire scraps (2-3″ pieces are ideal) and wrap floral tape tightly and smoothly around it (this may take some practice, try to pull the tape tightly as you wrap) so that the wire is covered.

step-6Place the long stem of ruscus on the table and line up a rose head on the stem of the ruscus so it is parallel. Gently manipulate the bottom of the rose stem (the malleable part with the wire/tape only) around the ruscus stem to secure the flower to the garland.

step-7 Use a piece of your tape wrapped wire like a twist-tie, wrapping it around the top of the rose stem (right under the heavy flower head) and the ruscus stem. Clip any wire that is sticking out after the twist is secure.

step-7 Take the small pieces of seeded eucalyptus and place them together in a cluster. Use a small piece of taped wire and twist it around the euc stems, at the base of the rose neck, to attach them.

step-9 Adhere the other Juliette roses further down the garland and add clusters of seeded eucalyptus to them, as well as to other areas of the ruscus stem as accents.

step-10Line the top of the ruscus stem up with the top of the balloon string. Use an additional taped wire piece and twist the wire tightly around the ruscus and string, securing the garland to the string. Do this again at the middle and bottom of the string and in any other spots where the garland is not aligned to securely adhere the garland to the string.

You are done! Enjoy your beautiful balloons!