Ikea Hack: Leather Lounge Chair
May 29, 2015
Guess what? We have another Ikea hack and it's equally as lust worthy. Meet the Leather Lounge; a DIY project that will take this impossibly bright Ikea chair and transform it into a vintage inspired lounge number. It's all part of our Operation Abby's Office Redo. That beauty, in all its bright eclectic goodness is coming up next! And for even more Ikea hacks, click here!

Ikea chair
1 1/4 yards thin bonded leather fabric
Sewing machine
Leather sewing machine needle
Heavy duty thread
1” wide velcro strip at least 20” long
Gold spray paint
Seam ripper


step-1 Assemble the chair frame according to the instructions. Spray paint the frame gold. You’ll want to do this outside or in a well-ventilated area, and on some cardboard or a plastic dropcloth. Spray it from all angles, in 2-3 light coats, to prevent drips. Let it dry 1 hour.

step-2Use the seam ripper to open up the Ikea seat cover and separate each main piece (the top and bottom shape for the front and back, 4 pieces total). You won’t need the long skinny piece that runs the along the side of the chair, between the front and back of the cover. Make sure to rip up the seams of the hem, too, so you get the full width of the fabric.

step-3Label each of the four pieces with a letter and label a picture of the finished chair with the same letters so you can remember how it goes together later.

step-4Lay out the leather fabric (backside up) on the floor and trace each piece of the Ikea seat cover in sharpie. Write the corresponding letter on each piece.

step-5Cut out each piece. Sew velcro strips onto the bottom pieces (in the same spot they are on the original covers).

step-6Sew the top & bottom pieces together for the front and back of the chair.

step-7Layer the front and back pieces, backsides facing out. Sew together along the outer edge leaving a ½” border. Flip the cover inside out.

step-8Slide the chair cover on the frame and velcro the bottom.

Photography: Nicole Baas | Design and Styling: SMP Living