The Perfect Entryway + Our Favorite Entrances Ever
May 19, 2015
An entryway serves so many purpose both practical and frivolous. Of course you need storage solutions for coats, shoes and a landing spot for keys, etc but it's also the very first peak inside your home sweet home so making it shine bright with your personal style is key. James Wheeler has that necessary meets stylish design down pat. Meet his version of the perfect entryway photographed by Rustic White.

Tips for a Well Designed Entryway

1. Consider installing custom built-ins.

They'll allow for maximization of storage and can be configured in the best way to meet the homeowners' needs. Hanging rods, shelving and cubbies can all be added to keep everyday necessities organized and out of sight. Utilize the full length of a space, installing built-ins from floor-to-ceiling. If closed storage is not an option in built-ins, select beautiful baskets and containers in in materials like seagrass to display.

2. Use furniture in place of built-ins.

If built-ins are not in the budget, consider using furniture pieces to create the same functionality. Using furniture adds warmth to the space, but be sure to use the right scale of furniture to ensure the space doesn't become crowded. A small upholstered bench can provide a place to sit, while a free standing or antique chest of drawers can create a drop zone for everyday items like cell phones, keys and mail. Standard wardrobes and cabinets typically used in baths are also good pre-configured options.

3. Think multi-purpose.

Installing a custom countertop, in granite or quartz, to cabinetry will not only allow for a drop zone, but it can also double as additional entertaining space for parties. Think of it as a butler's pantry or catering kitchen! Adding a custom countertop can create extra space for beverage centers and bars when the kitchen just isn't large enough.

4. Pay attention to lighting.

Whether a chandelier or a beautiful pair of sconces, an entryway is the perfect place to make an impact with lighting. Since these spaces are generally small, it's a great opportunity to splurge on that special piece that may not work in the rest of your home. If using a chandelier, make sure you have enough clearance for guests to walk comfortably underneath. If you have a longer entryway, consider using two or three smaller hanging light fixtures, as it will create drama in multiples, while adding additional functionality.

5. Don't forget about your windows.

Although entryways can not usually accommodate full length drapery, you can still add impact with window coverings like roman shades. This is a great way to add interest and color to your space through fabric while maintaining privacy where needed.

6. Paint and wallcoverings add impact and drama to entryways.

It's a perfect place to experiment with colors and patterns that you may not feel comfortable using in other parts of your home. If opting for paint, consider using multiple shades, one for the walls and one for the ceiling to add additional visual interest.
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