A Modern 40th Birthday Party
May 11, 2015
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Celebrating 40 is a big, fabulous deal even if it comes a year late. So with friends, yummy food and cocktails at Persephone Bakery, blogger That Girl Katie rang in her 41 year just the way she wanted. Planned as an intimate dinner with loved ones and kicked up a few notches on the pretty scale with the help of Marigold and Ashley Merritt Photography. See the full shindig right here.
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Apparently turning 40 is a big deal or at least that is what the card I received from my sister said to me last year. I had decided to plan & design my “Golden Birthday” but I ended up canceling it due to the health of my sister fighting her cancer battle. She died on Easter 2014 but she fought like hell and is always in my heart and mind.

So, a year later with a newfound perspective on the value of time and the importance of surrounding yourself with those who honor and love you, I wanted to finally celebrate my 40th even though it was really my 41st (I still only feel 40 and imagine I will always be 1 year off on my age from now on).

I am a believer in detail and probably bit old school in mailing out paper invitations that set the theme of the party. I discovered Megan Allen Klein via Caravan, an online digital download shop, and together we created an invitation that exuded the “it’s better to look up” positive vibes I was focusing on. As my guests arrived they were welcomed by a hand drawn chalkboard design that I created mirroring the invitation design along with a giant black and white polka dot balloon.

I chose Persephone Bakery, a venue that has meaning to me, as my daughter and I have a weekly breakfast date prior to dropping her off at school. My good friend and chef to the stars Chef Eric Wilson created a fabulous menu and I had Monica of Jackson Cake Company make a classic cake with a modern design. I then added the cake topper from Oh Dier shop at Etsy and together they added a sassy decorative element to the party. I worked with my very creative friend Mary Brandon of Marigold Flower Studio to create elegant arrangements that were scattered down the long farm table and around the space. I also hired Ashley of Ashley Merritt Photography to photograph the party and take pictures of all the individual couples. It’s not often my husband and I get our picture taken together so I thought these would make a special gift to everyone. And if my guests ventured to the restroom they were surprised by a fun quote on a hand towel. As the evening came to an end I had sparklers for my guests thanking them for making my birthday sparkle and sparkle it did!

It was the party I had envisioned, a small group, yummy food and quality conversation that will now be cherished as wonderful memories, but much different from the party I was planning a year ago as I enjoyed every minute of this party knowing that life is a short adventure and worthy of celebrating.

I encourage everyone to celebrate life!