Effortless Beach Waves
May 8, 2015
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Believe it or not, warmer days are ahead. And we can't wait to let our hair down and bask in some sunshine! Beach waves are the perfect look for the season, but we can't all get to the beach for a dose of perfectly salty air. Instead, use a tapered curling wand, texture spray, and these tips from Jennie Kay Beauty for effortless beach waves (minus the beach)!


Beach Waves

step-1Clip the top section of hair up and out of the way, and then spray a small section on the side of your head with a heat-protectant hairspray.

step-2Point your tapered curling wand down, and gently wrap the hair around the wand, letting it twist as you go. Release the hair and let it curl.

step-3Repeat this all the way around your head in small sections, always remembering to keep your wand pointed down.

step-4Take the top section down and create a center part. Gently curl the front pieces to create a loose wave.

Finish with a texture spray and enjoy!
Film: Elysium Productions  | Photography: Ruth Eileen | Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty