5 Designer Secrets To A Kitchen Renovation
May 7, 2015
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I so wish I could introduce this kitchen by saying it was mine. Why? Because it's amazing, and that kelly green kitchen island makes me want to squeal like a little girl (or a woman with a strange love for kitchens, pretty sure we squeal at the same octave). Lori of Redo Home & Design is the lucky lady that gets to call this space home, and with the help of Alyssa Rosenheck Photography, she's dishing on ways we can all get a kitchen that's equally stunning as hers...

1. Get inspired (and steal!).

I did extensive research while we were saving for our renovation. I poured over blogs, home decor websites, magazines, client spaces and friend's homes. There are so many amazing kitchens out there, and I made good use of them! I researched hood styles, layouts, appliance reviews, material studies and then compiled my favorites. Eventually, I put the puzzle together in a way that represents me and my family and the way we wanted our space to look and function.

2. Be Practical When Choosing Finishes.

I adore white countertops, but have seen too many homeowners regret using marble... for me, quartz is the way to go for white, maintenance-free, counters.

3. Rethink the Backsplash.

The backsplash is a place where clients and homeowners often struggle: finding a timeless material without being too mundane. I decided to wrap the whole room (including the backsplash) with shiplap. We used smooth-finish cement board, an exterior building material. It is easy to install, waterproof, easily cleaned and quite inexpensive. I love how crisp and fresh it looks!

4. Stay classic.

I live in a traditional, brick colonial house. I didn't want to turn my kitchen into a stark contemporary or French country... it just wouldn't be authentic. I tried to honor the integrity of my house while expanding the space for modern living. White kitchens come in and out of the spotlight, but never go out of style!

5. Ask for help!

I am in the business of designing luxury homes, but when it came time to renovate my own space, I called in more experts. I asked for help with layout configurations, material advise, lighting plan suggestions, appliance expertise, and made use of our design team when it was time for color, lighting and styling. A kitchen renovation is typically the most expensive investment you make in your home... getting professional advice is a must!
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