20 Reasons Why Being a Mom Rocks
May 6, 2015
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Mother's Day is nearly upon us and while we love searching for the perfect gift or crafting a brunch for our favorite moms, we thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper and talk shop with a Mother who knows her stuff. Monika Hibbs is not only a wildly talented lifestyle blogger but she has now added badass mama bear to her resume and she has 20 reasons why it's the coolest thing on the planet. Have a look at her collaboration with her favorite little guy and Landeau all shot by Jamie Lauren Photography.

20 Reasons Why Being a Mom Rocks


1. Cuddles, snuggles and kisses all day long.
2. Seeing life through Liam's eyes.
3. The unconditional love that's so natural towards him. An instant love.
4. Being there when they first reach each milestones. My favorite was when Liam started walking, I was so giddy and proud.
5. How everything is soooo exciting for them. Like seeing a digger on the side of the road 10+ times a day.
6. Watching my husband become a father and creating their bond. Made me fall more in love with him too.
7. The times when they just want you. Melts my heart.
8. When I go away for a little while, and how excited he is to see me when I get home!
9. Sharing your own childhood traditions.
10. Re-living the complete joy of each Holiday. This past Christmas and Easter were so fun!
11. Hearing Mommy & Daddy for the first time, and a 1000 times after that.
12. Giving the definition of Joy a whole new meaning.
13. Dressing Liam has definitely been so much fun! I love matching him with my husband, not only do they look cute but Liam's so proud.
14. Putting him to bed. Not because the day is done, but it's so sweet how Liam loves his story time and being tucked in.
15. Watching them sleep.
16. Me time, really becomes "me time". It really is different now that I'm a mom.
17. Being excited about the next steps and the future ahead for our family.
18. Watching Liam discover, has been one of my favourite things. New animals are daily highlight.
19. Mommy + Liam dates. When we went for our first hot chocolate/ coffee date, I was a mess. I had to hold back the tears. He was two, but it was seriously the sweetest. And on that note, he didn't like the hot chocolate.
20. Simply being able to be called "Mommy" has been surreal. I am beyond thankful for that gift.
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From Monika...  Since I've become a mom I have a whole new appreciation for literally everything around me. I naturally reevaluated  life and what is important. Becoming a mom has defiantly grounded me and surprisingly made me very calm. 
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