Craft Cocktails - The Lavanda-Sita
April 30, 2015
Sometimes a run of the mill cocktail just won't due. So set down that vodka tonic and make room for a beverage kicked into high gear. From fruity to savory, enter two craft cocktails, dreamed up by Kelsey Rae Designs and Plum & Oak Photo in collaboration with Waters Catering that will surely fit the bill. First up, we have our eyes set on the Lavanda-sita. And the ever dapper Lorenzo is coming up next!
From Plum and Oak Photo... Kelsey Rae Designs and I love the movement towards craft cocktails with natural and seasonal ingredients. As part of the latest feature in our collaboration together called #ThePrettyProject, Kelsey and I teamed up with the lovely Terri Wedell of Waters Catering to create His + Hers signature craft cocktails that feature late spring/early summer ingredients in an approachable way. Don't be dismayed by the use of lavender essential oil and black sea salt! These ingredients are not as difficult to find as they sound, nor were they hard to use! In fact, this recipe is quite easy and they are guaranteed to make for a memorable cocktail.
Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
5 Minutes
Sparkling Rosé Hibiscus Puree
Muddled Basil Lavender Essential Oil & Vodka Spritz
Fresh Basil Garnish
Muddle Basil and dried lavender in shaker with 2 oz Hibiscus puree.
In a spray bottle, add 2 oz vodka and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Spray vodka and lavender mix inside champagne flute.
Strain and pour hibiscus puree mix into flute and top with chilled sparkling rose.
Garnish with pretty & petite basil leaf.