How To: Dutch Inspired Floral Arrangements
April 9, 2015
United States
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Oh the Dutch and their still life. They know a thing or two about painting gorgeous arrangements and now Calico Floriculture & Design is bringing those florals to life. Captured by Cambria Grace, this simple how to walks you through the steps of crafting an elegant, bountiful Spring arrangement complete with a list of must have florals. Click here for more.
From Calico Floriculture & Design... Dutch floral still life paintings provide much inspiration for arrangements filled with various colors and textures. If you look back to the paintings of Dutch artists during the Golden Age you will find a wild and luscious floral style.
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  • Peach and Yellow Icelandic Poppies

  • Peach, White, and Pink Ranunculus

  • Blue and Red Anemones

  • Purple Hellebores

  • Seeded Eucalyptus

  • Blue Muscari

  • Orange Butterfly Flower

  • White Daffodils

  • Red Tulips


step-1First begin, filling your vessel with some base green foliage. I like to use greenery that grows around farm such as cedar, eastern hemlock, spruce, and juniper branches.

step-2You will notice that Dutch still life floral paintings tend to be filled with many different kinds of flowers, this is the fun part! Collect many different sizes, shapes and colors to work with. Notice I have chosen a peach Icelandic Poppy to be a main focal point in the arrangement. I like to choose one or two large flowers so either a poppy, garden rose, large ranunculus, or even a dahlia to be the spotlight flower which I will place off center. I generally never want to place a large flower right in the center because it will then draw too much attention.

step-3Once I have my base foliage and large core flowers selected and placed, I begin to build up the arrangement. I start off with shorter stemmed flowers then move out from there. To mimic the Dutch style, I want to make sure to not leave too many empty spaces. I want to create a full and lush arrangement perfect for spring.