DIY Donut Bar
April 7, 2015
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We've seen many a cookie, pie, and cupcake bar but rare is it to stumble across a top your own donut bar and it's pure sweet genius. Kelsey Rae Designs  and Plum & Oak Photo came up with the idea of grabbing simple glazed donuts and laying out all the accoutrements for guests to gussy up. Sprinkles, coconut, oreos – the works! From a brunch with friends to a kid's birthday, this picnic style bar would be a hit!
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Kelsey Rae Designs and I crafted an easy and stunning floral DIY Donut Bar, ideal for springtime bridal showers, baby showers or any upcoming spring gathering. Our DIY Donut Bar is part of our new series together called "#ThePrettyProject: Pretty Inspiration for the Creative Folk and those that Want to Be." We provide inspiration for our local brides in and around Southern California Wine Country (Temecula, CA), as well as those that crave inspiration for their smaller events!

We were inspired to create our very own donut bar when we realized the lack of a local, creative donut shop in our area! The horror! We wanted to show brides (and really anyone) how to create their own stylized donut bar, regardless of their location or access to a unique dessert shop. Plus, we created this on a budget to make it accessible for those that crave a unique addition to their next event.


DIY Donut Bar



A throw blanket
Plain or lightly glazed donuts (homemade or store-bought, 2 per person)
Mismatched plates, bowls and cake stands of various heights
Your favorite toppings (we used rainbow sprinkles, M&M's, shredded coconut, crushed Oreos, and melted semi-sweet chocolate.
Topping Cards: Download our version here and here!
Seasonal flowers and greenery of your choice


step-1We recommend skipping a standard table cloth and using a fun, light-weight throw blanket instead! We got ours from Target. Or, use a neat printed throw that you already have! If you're afraid of it getting a bit dirty, tear off some unbleached parchment paper and put it under the messiest toppings. The rustic and industrial appearance won't deter from the style of the bar. And in lieu of a regular table, we decided to make our donut bar picnic style!

step-2Now the easy part: use plates, bowls and cake stands that you already have and of various heights to add dimension to your table. We played around with printed plates and mismatched colors. Don't have a collection of fun dishes? We got most of these from our local Salvation Army and antique shops. It's a very inexpensive way to add personality to your table.

step-2Next we created some sassy cards for each topping. Because really, donuts are the solution to most of life's problems. Simply choose a handwritten font for the topping name and a serif font for your creative description. You can cater your sayings to whatever your event may be (bridal shower, baby shower, etc). We suggest font size 70 for the topping and font size 10 for the description. Print them on cardstock and cut in a 3.5" x 4" size. Then fold in half.

step-2After placing our plates, toppings and topping cards on the throw, we filled one vase with eucalyptus and ranunculus and then filled in the empty spots of the table with eucalyptus strands and blooms. Greenery such as eucalyptus provide great filler for tablescapes! We always recommend making use of your local farmers market for the most unique and seasonal foliage. Don't be afraid to add some foliage to your donut stand or toppings for decor. It really ties in all the elements.

We hope this inspires many-a-donut bars across the country, regardless of your location.