Yes. You CAN Make Your Own Peeps!!! #nothealthy #butgood
March 29, 2015
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If you have yet to try a homemade marshmallow, you have yet to have a real marshmallow. Infinitely softer and more pillowy than store-bought -- and super simple to whip up, too -- homemade marshmallows become impossibly cute when molded into everyone's favorite Easter treat: Peeps! Try making them this Easter, using our handy guide below, and prepare to make store-bought Peeps a thing of the past. (Trust me: you won't be missing them that much with a couple of these cuties on hand!)
MaterialsPeeps mold (1 or more, depending on how many you’d like to make)
Yellow sanding sugar
Black gel icing
Spray oil
3 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 cup light corn syrup
1 ¼ cups granulated sugar
¼ cup powdered sugar
3 tsp vanilla extract
¼ tsp salt
wax paper


step-1Spray the peeps mold(s) with a light coat of spray oil. Pour the yellow sanding sugar into a small bowl (large enough for a peep) and set aside.

step-2Follow Sinclair & Moore’s recipe for vanilla marshmallows until ready to pour. This recipe makes a lot of marshmallows, so you may want to cut the recipe in half, or to use several peeps molds at once. Or you can do what we did, and make a tray of peeps and a tray of regular marshmallows with the remainder!

step-3Pour the marshmallow mix into the mold, going slowly and using a spatula to make sure the marshmallow sinks all the way to the bottom. We had some air bubbles in ours from the marshmallow not settling completely into the mold. Fill each mold ½-¾ of the way full.

step-4Let the marshmallows sit for 4 hours.

step-5Flip the marshmallows out of the mold onto a sheet of wax paper. Use a sharp kitchen knife to separate and trim each peep. You may need to rinse the knife in hot water every so often to remove sticky marshmallow.

step-6Roll each peep in the sanding sugar until each side is covered and set on a plate or tray.

step-7Make the eyes of each peep with dots of black gel icing. If you’re lucky and the marshmallow settled correctly, you should be able to see the dots from the mold for a guide on where the eyes should go!

Don't think we were letting you get away THAT easy. Because all of this talk about marshmallows has got me thinking. Mostly about marshmallows. But also about all of the times that people just seemed to love me more when I came bearing marshmallow treats. It's weird. I actually think marshmallows are a small part of the reason that I have friends. Hmmm.
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