Who Says Easter Eggs Have to Look Like Eggs?
March 28, 2015
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We definitely don't! Mainly because these little cuties will bring a HUGE smile to the faces of our kids come Easter morning! Using not much more than egg dye, paper, a touch of glue and your own imagination, empty egg shells are transformed into summer's favorite fruit. Read on to see how in our simple guide below, click here for more FUN Easter Ideas and see below for even more last minute DIY Egg Ideas!
Materials White eggs
Paas egg dye
White vinegar
Black sharpie
Green tissue paper (light and dark)
Green, yellow, & white cardstock paper
Small sheet of foam core
Hot glue gun & sticks
Strawberry greens template


step-1Hard boil or blow out to prepare eggs for dyeing, whichever you prefer.

step-2Dye eggs red using Paas dye, vinegar, and water.

step-3While eggs are dyeing, make a drying rack with the foam core and pins.

step-4Place the dyed eggs on the drying rack and let dry.

step-5Dot the eggs with the black paint pen to make strawberry seeds.

step-6Print out the strawberry greens template and cut out each shape. Trace the star templates onto tissue paper and cut out. You’ll need 1 of each color for each egg. Save time by folding the tissue paper into as many layers as you need, then cut once!

step-7Trace the stem template onto green cardstock and the flower templates onto the white cardstock, then cut out. Cut out small dots from the yellow cardstock. Fold up the petals of the flowers and glue a yellow dot inside each flower. Glue the flowers onto the stem.

step-8Glue the tissue paper tops onto the rounded end of each egg. Roll a small piece of green cardstock paper to make the stem and glue onto the top of each egg.

step-9Group the eggs into a dish and tuck in the greens. You can also glue the egg tops to the greens for a more “authentic” look.
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