Mini Bunny Bags for the Mini-est of Easter Hunters
March 28, 2015
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This mini bunny bag is just perfect for little hands who can't quite get a grip on big, bulky Easter baskets, but are still eager to get in on the Easter treat fun. Sweet, soft, and oh-so-easy to customize to your heart's content, we promise your little bunny will be just as smitten with these as we are! Read on for our simple how-to and more adorable pics!
MaterialsMini canvas totes
Canvas fabric
Pale pink fabric
Fabric glue
White cardstock
Ear template
Black fabric paint
Pink fabric paint
Pink crinkle shred


step-1Print out the ear template and cut out the two ear shapes.

step-2Trace the larger ear on the canvas fabric and the smaller ear on the pink fabric. You will need two of each size per bag.

step-3Fabric glue the pink small ears on the canvas larger ears.

step-4Pinch the bottom of each ear by folding the fabric in half so that the pink fabric is inside. Glue in place.

step-5Fold the bottom of the ear in half again- fold it in opposite ways for each ear. Glue in place, then fluff out the top of the ear.

step-6Tuck the bottom of an ear inside the bag on one side, between the seam of the bag and the front of the bag. Glue in place and repeat on the other side.

step-7Draw eyes and a mouth in black puffy paint on the front of the bag. Draw a nose in pink puffy paint. Let dry 30 mins.

step-8Fill the bag with crinkle paper shred and add in small easter eggs or other easter treats!


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