The Cutest Easter Bunny Cake that Even the Baking Challenged Can Do!
March 27, 2015
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Fret not my baking challenged friends! This cake is SO easy and you can cheat your way to success by using boxed cake mix. With two big, frosted sugar cookies for ears, your friends and family will be wondering why you don't have your own show already. Read on for our simple how-to just in time for Easter and don't worry, we've snuck even more cake goodness in below (think watercolor + cake + no skills necessary)!
MaterialsYour favorite cake recipe
Your favorite buttercream recipe (we like this one)
Your favorite sugar cookie recipe (we like this one)
Pink icing color
Black gel icing
Disposable piping bag
Small round frosting tip
6” round cake pans
Bunny ear template
White cardstock
Wooden skewers

step-1Print out the bunny ear template onto cardstock and cut out.

step-2Make sugar cookie dough according to your recipe. You don’t need much so we suggest making half the recipe, but if you’d like some bonus cookies you can make the full recipe!

step-3Roll dough out into a thin, even layer on a prepared baking sheet. Lay the bunny ear template on top and trace two ears with a kitchen knife. Bake the ears according to the recipe instructions and let cool. *You want the cookies to be lightweight but still strong enough to stay together, so don’t make them too thick.

step-4While the cookies are baking, put together your cake mixture according to your recipe. Bake cake mixture in 6” round pans.

step-5While the cake is baking, mix up some buttercream frosting. Take out a large spoonful or two and put in a small bowl to make the pink frosting- leave the rest white. Mix in a tiny amount of pink icing color until you reach a nice pale pink.

step-6Use a piping bag with a small round tip to frost an outline on the bunny ears. Then thin the pink frosting with a bit of milk and fill in the outlines on each ear. Set the ears on a flat surface to dry.

step-7Once the cake layers have cooled, level the top of each layer with a knife. Assemble the cake and frost into a smooth, white cake. Not sure how to get it even? Check out our video on how to frost the perfect cake.

step-8Use the black gel icing to draw bunny eyes, nose, and mouth on the front of the cake.

step-9Use a knife to cut two small slits into the top of the cake. Insert the bunny ear cookies into the slits. If the cookies are having trouble staying up, use wooden skewers behind to prop them up. *If you are traveling, wait until you arrive at your destination before inserting the ears!


Already moved on from Easter? Not your jam? Don't fret. This Watercolor Cake is just as easy as our bunny cake and can be used to celebrate anything from birthdays to Saturday nights with the Housewives. You can thank us by saving a piece OR by sharing your version on instagram! We'll even regram it!

DIY Watercolor Cake