DIY Hanging Rope Planters
March 6, 2015
By: Alexis
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I am so excited to share these DIY Hanging Rope Planters with you guys! Think fringe, tassels, and metallic gold coupled with greenery - need I say more? Sure, you could spend hours basket weaving your own, or you can try it my way! I promise it's ten times easier. xoxo Alexis of  The Shift Creative
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Rope (cotton rope)
Gold Ribbon
Hot glue
Yarn Needle


step-1 After measuring out the amount of rope needed to cover your pot, begin wrapping your rope with raffia; adhering with hot glue under you've reached the end (the same method goes for wrapping the gold ribbon).

step-2 To add fringe to portions of your hanging: 1. cut desired length of yarn, 2. fold in half, 3. place the loop on top of the rope, 3. pull the legs of the yarn under the rope and through the loop at the top. 4. repeat as many times as needed for desired amounts of fringe.

step-3 Once you have completed the necessary wrapping and added desired fringe, begin wrapping the rope around the base of the pot in a secure fashion and adhering with glue as you go.

step-4 After you have finished wrapping, take your yarn needle and desired length of yarn for hanging and go under the top piece of rope. Repeat at the other side. Join the loose ends at the top and make a knot.

step-5 Add plant & hang with hook!