Studio Sessions with Britt Bass Turner
February 19, 2015
ArtworkAt Work
In my next life I want to come back as a fabulous painter, a la Britt Bass Turner. The girl's got mad style. And for those lucky enough to call the South East home, Britt has opened up her doors for Studio Sessions: a workshop on painting techniques and creative expression. Have a look at one such session party captured by Kathryn McCrary and stay tuned for a behind the scenes with this oh so talented lady.
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Britt Bass opened up her studio and hosted a studio session for fans and creatives to get a peek into her life as an artist and challenge themselves creatively. Studio Sesh is for any creative looking to experiment with color and materials, and hone in on a personal style. Britt designed the workshop to be a safe place to explore and stretch yourself and enjoy the process of play. The class is completely hands-on as Britt walks you through her favorite materials and supplies, how she uses them, the importance of inspiration, and defining your process. Life as an artist is often lonely, so Britt want to provide an avenue to share in the process together and support the power of community. People came from all over the southeast to play and learn and walked away with knowledge, inspiration, their own creation, and new friends. Check out Britt's website for more information on the Studio Session options.