Winter Date Night at Home Inspiration
February 18, 2015
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Truth be told, I'm a bit of a home body. Mostly in the winter. So my dream date night usually involves a fire, some wine, and my sweet husband. Well, it only takes one look at the images below from Jordan Brittley to see why I view staying in so highly. Styled by DressPresh, designed by Stellar Staging and Design and with florals from He Loves me Flowers - this gallery is basically my version of the perfect day.
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From Jordan Brittley...The oranges were sliced and laid next to the grapefruit. The smell of flowers filled the room as Kim and Jeremy held each other close, soaking up each moment of their lives together. They wrapped themselves in a blanket and fed each other fruit kabobs. They even made delicious parfaits and they played cards. Even though Kim doesn't like cards all that much.

The inspiration for the shoot was simplicity. There is so much beautiful in simplicity when simplicity overtakes perfection. We wanted to show couples that date nights at home on Valentine's Day (or any day) are beautiful. You don't have to wait until everything is perfect to start enjoying life. And you most certainly don't have to wait until everything is perfect to love each other well!

From DressPresh...I love the simplicity of couples staying home on a date night to really enjoy being together without all the bells and whistles. Kim has great style, and I wanted what we put together to be something they would really wear around the house that was purposeful and cute but still comfortable. They may be having a date night at home, but who says you can't still dress up a little for each other?

Kim had the sweetest little pendant from Jeremy's aunt. I love that we could incorporate something with personal meaning to her into the shoot. It gives it so much heart and purpose!

I LOVE mixing textures and neutrals together. Cream and white are definitely a wardrobe-do. We went for print with Jeremy to really add that pop of print to the couple. And what guy doesn't totally rock a plaid?