DIY Tassel Dog Leash
February 17, 2015
When we dreamed up the cutest Puppy Bowl Watching celebration ever, this DIY naturally came to fruition... the Tassel Dog Leash. Is it weird to make the leash before you have the dog? Because I don't currently own a fur baby but sort of think it's a must if its accoutrements are this dang cute. Read on for the easy steps all photographed by Ruth Eileen Photography.

10’ of white rope in thickness of your choice (we used ¼” for smaller dogs and ½” for larger dogs)
Brass snap hook (in one size larger than the thickness of the rope)
Leather or suede scraps
Leather lace
Fabric glue


step-1Cut the rope to the length you’d like, plus a little extra to form a loop for your hand and a loop for the hook.

step-2Slip the brass snap hook onto one end of rope. Loosen the three strands of the rope at the cut end and splice them into the rope following the instructions here.

step-3Create a loop on the other end of the leash for your hand and splice the rope together, following the same method as before.

step-4Wrap the edges of the spliced rope sections in leather to bind them. Secure with fabric glue.

step-5Create 5-6 leather tassels of varying lengths, following the instructions here.

step-6String the tassels onto a length of leather lace and tie onto the brass snap hook of the leash.


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living