Fruit Leather Fortune Cookies for the Kids
February 5, 2015
Remember the days when you used to find a sweet note from Mom in your lunch box? Well with the help of the lovely Chassity from Look Linger Love, we decided to take it up a notch! These adorable fruit leather fortune cookies are the perfect healthy dessert for your kids' school lunches, not to mention the sweet "fortunes" hidden inside! Take a peek at Chassity's fruit leather fortunes and try this sweet project at home!


Fruit Leather Fortune Cookies


Fruit roll-ups or homemade fruit leather.
Soup can or other circular object.
Small strips of paper.


1. Using your soup can, cut two small circles out of your fruit leather. You will need two circles per cookie. Press the circles together.
2. Write a sweet note and place along one side of the circles, leaving a small section hanging out.
3. Fold the circles in half around the note and pinch. Then fold again to create the fortune cookie shape.
4. Drop into your kids' lunch bags to send a sweet surprise to school!


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