A Perfectly Chic Braided Bun
January 29, 2015
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Ever feel like you are in a hair slump? When it's messy buns and ponytails for days on end? We've all been there. Sometimes mastering a perfect blowout our gorgeous waves can feel daunting. Luckily for you, the lovely Amanda from Advice from a 20 Something has the perfect solution to your bad-hair-day blues. Her braided bun is amazingly chic and easy, and she shows us how to master it ourselves in the video below!


Beauty Guide: Bohemian Braided Updo


1. Separate small sections of hair on each side of your head. Choose the amount of hair based on how large you want the braids to be.
2. Braid each section and secure the ends with a small, clear elastic.
3. Gather all hair, including the braids, into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Remove the elastics.
4. Twist the ponytail into a loose bun and secure. For added volume, gently loosen hair at your crown.


If you're like us, there's no such thing as too much braid inspiration. Luckily, there are tons of stunning braids out there. Take a peek at some of the most stunning styles below!
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