Dining Room Makeover with In Honor of Design
January 20, 2015
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I've had an obsession with Oh Joy's gloriously gold wallpaper for a very long time and this dining room makeover by Anna of In Honor of Design + Kristin of The Hunted Interior is giving me that little extra push I need to take the papered plunge. It's gorgeous and when paired with deep hues, and metallic touches makes for a stunning dining room makeover. See even more right here.
From Anna... I grew up in a family that really valued time around the table. Dinner together was a priority every night, and we spent many hours over my mother's good meals keeping in touch with each other no matter how busy our lives got. This is something my husband and I want to keep going in our own family, and a main reason I wanted our dining room to feel warm and welcoming.
I have a strong sense of my own style and taste, but when it comes to making calls for my home I often get decision paralysis! This is why I called in my friend Kristin of The Hunted Interior to help with our dining room overhaul. We started from scratch, with nothing but the table my husband built to get us started!
From Kristin... When pulling inspiration for Anna's Dining Room, we were continuously drawn to gorgeously neutral spaces, saturated accent colors, and beautiful wood tones. Keeping these in mind, I suggested over dyed rugs in deep jewel tones, and accent pillows in contrasting colors. Knowing the overall shell would be a calmer palette, we wanted to amp up the color for the textile choices. We also added interest by mixing a number of metals within the space. The gold floral wallpaper, brushed silver chandelier, and bronze mirrors all create another layer within the space. The deep chrome mirror reflects the gold detail in the wallpaper as well as helps to tie in the silver tone of the chandelier. It all works, without being forced or predictable.
From Anna... I was aiming for timeless pieces with some modern effects. Kristin is an expert at nailing the art of layering a room to perfection, so I was so thrilled to see it all come together. I put in another order to my husband Gabe for a wall bench to go with the table;) Adding comfortable pillows makes for an inviting seating alternative that fits more than a few people if needed. Since I am a sucker for a good pattern and color combo, we opted for the peacock blue rug and the gold floral wallpaper on one wall to give the room just enough texture to change it around. Also a great option for renters who don't want to commit to wallpapering a full room! We added in the modern flair with the help of West Elm's dining chairs, bar cart, and additional decor pieces. The All Modern chandelier was the wow factor to finish the job!
My goal for our house is simply to reflect what home means to us, and even if you are renting your space, it is possible to make your space your own! (Check out the removable wallpaper option of the Hygge and West version we used!) 
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