DIY New Year's Eve Favor Box
December 26, 2014
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If you are planning a New Years Eve celebration, greet guests with this little box of celebratory goodies crafted by Carrie Waller and Chelsea Laine Francis. With a flight of champagne, a straw and a calligraphy coaster, your friends will be ringing in 2015 in style. Grab the details for making your very own favor boxes below.
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Cardboard gift box
Laura Hooper Calligraphy holiday gift tag
Paper straw
Le Grand Courtâge mini wine bottle
Paper packaging filler
Gold paper
Hole punch
White acrylic paint
Detail paint brush
Pre-stained wooden coaster


Assemble your cardboard gift box and fill the interior three quarters of the way up with paper packaging filler.

Snip a piece of ribbon off your spool, about eight to ten inches in length, and thread it through a holiday gift tag before wrapping it around the neck of your mini wine bottle. Slip a paper straw into the ribbon before finishing and tightening the bow.

To craft your DIY coaster favor, grab your pre-stained wooden coaster (you can get wooden squares from just about any craft store) and lay it on a piece of scrap cardboard. Next, squeeze a drop of white acrylic paint onto a plate and, using a detail paint brush, write out a cursive "Cheers" or draw your guests' monogram. TIP: Pull up an inspiration image on the Internet to help guide you if you aren't quite confident in your artistic ability! Allow the paint to dry for an hour.

Place the embellished wine bottle and coaster into the gift box.

Using a standard hole punch, work your way over a sheet of metallic gold paper (ours came from the scrapbooking section of our local craft store) punching holes over and over as you go. Once your hole punch gets full, carefully empty the contents over the gift box. This is an easy solution if you don't happen to have confetti on-hand.

Before closing up the box, slip in a hand-written "Thank you" note, letting your guests know just how much you appreciated their company for the holiday celebration.

Finish by wrapping the gift box in glittery gold ribbon tied in a bow.